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Mythbusting - Aerial Hoop and Silks Edition!

As aerialists, we are all used to hearing people say "I’d love to try aerial hoop or silks, but I’m not strong enough", or "I can't even touch my toes", or "I'm too old to start something like that now"’.

Well, we are here to tell you that you are strong enough, you'll get more flexible and there is no age limit to learning something new! But let’s knock these myths and questions out one by one!

#Myth - "I’m not strong enough”

If you were to start out running, you wouldn’t start with a marathon, right? You’d start with some short manageable distances, and aerial hoop and silks are no different!

Our curriculum is designed to cover all levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned veterans. Our instructors will get to know you and the level you’re at and can tailor exercises and moves accordingly. We also include conditioning in all of our classes so that you are always gaining strength for that next move 💪

#Myth - “I don't have enough time to exercise”

Our memberships start at just 1 class per week, so it's easy to find time to train! Our classes run for 60 minutes and there are both day-time and evening sessions available.

We also offer memberships of 2, 4 classes and unlimited classes per week, as well as a number of other add-ons for training or performing.

#Myth - "I'm too old to start something new”

You are NEVER too old to try something new, and aerial hoop and silks are no exception! A beginner class at Altitude is for anyone over the age of 16, so you'll be around people of all ages, ranging from their early 20s to mid-30s, to late 40s and up!

At Altitude you can be of any age, shape, size or weight - we’ll be happy to have you! The same goes for ethnicity, gender, and sexuality - come along and we’ll make sure you feel welcome 🥰

#Myth - “I have nothing to wear”

You don't need a million-dollar wardrobe for aerial fitness - all you need is something comfortable that you can move around freely in.

Leggings and a t-shirt are perfect for your entry-level classes. You may also want to bring a pair of socks, they come in handy for some of your moves in the aerial equipment.

#Myth - "I don't have an aerialist's body type"

Aerial hoop and silks are for ALL body types! Our classes are designed to ensure that all shapes, sizes and fitness levels can come to class and have a great time!

It's not about what your body looks like, it's about what your body can do for you 💕

#Myth - "I'm not flexible enough, I can't even touch my toes!"

Did you know that flexibility is a learned skill? Starting aerials is a great way to start safely improving your flexibility and mobility.

You'll become more flexible simply by taking aerial classes, but if you love the idea of becoming a bendy noodle, you can also attend our Stretch and Flex classes to fast-track your flexi-gains!

#Myth - "It's not for me, I'm scared of heights"

You wouldn't believe how many members are afraid of heights! It's a very common fear, but don't worry, you'll be starting out nice and low to the floor so you can touch the ground whenever you need, with a big thick crash mat to keep you safe.

As you grow more confident, you can choose to go higher as you level up.

If you prefer to keep things lower to the ground, we have plenty of classes for that too! Our Silks Dance class is ideal for anyone who loves the idea of aerials while keeping their feet firmly planted on the ground 💙

#Myth - "I'll be the odd one out"

Aerial hoop and silks are a great way to meet new people. We cultivate a warm, welcoming community where you can feel safe to be yourself and make new friends 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

And that about wraps up the most common myths/questions that we hear! Got a question we didn’t cover? Get in touch with your local Altitude studio here to find out the answer!

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