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Rosie's Journey - thrill seeking, adrenaline and overcoming a fear of heights with aerial silks

This blog was written by one of our Altitude members, Rosie💙

I first gave aerial silks a go on a whim...

I’d been training pole for a year or so and had tried the occasional aerial hoop class, but was mainly focused on pole dance.

Then one day I showed up to the studio early for training and saw a space available in a silks class and decided, hey, why not!?

During the class, I was sat at the top of the silks preparing to do a drop with my heart pounding in my chest, and after reassurance that I wasn’t going to die, I let go of the silks and tumbled forward only to be caught safely once more by the fabrics. After that rush of adrenaline, I knew I wanted more!

My experience with pole coupled with the amazing support from instructors and students alike meant I zoomed through level 1 silks and soon moved up to level 2, to learn more of the advanced drops and skills that I loved.

Despite being scared of heights, being in the silks feels like home to me. They are a nod to my inner child that loved climbing and hanging upside down on every available tree, jungle gym, street pole, washing line, etc.

I feel like I’m finally able to exercise the thrill-seeking part of me in a safe environment, and also learn new skills at the same time. I’m still amazed sometimes by what (through awesome instruction) I’ve taught my body to do, as well as the strength and flexibility I’ve gained along the way.

I love the way silks as an apparatus is so versatile; you can do flowy dance style routines, strength-based combos, terrifying drops, complicated wraps, or a mish-mash of all of them, and it still looks amazing. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to give it all a go!

I’ve learnt to only focus on my own progress and not compare myself to others, as that’s the quickest way to get discouraged. It's amazing the way different bodies can achieve different things, and after some time and practice, you can find yourself performing skills you didn’t think possible.

I love the community at Altitude; a group of people so varied in experience and personality that come together in their shared love for the art of aerials. You don’t often find such a supportive, kind, fun group of people in one spot.

I’m excited about what the future will bring for me with aerials. I cant wait to see what crazy things I’m able to learn. I hope to perform one day when I finally work up the nerve!

Some advice I would give to someone starting at Altitude is to give everything a go! Silks, hoop, or even pole! The only way you’ll find what truly tickles your fancy is by giving everything a go...and you might just be surprised by what you excel in!

Keen to try aerial silks at Altitude yourself? Click the button below and enter your details on the form! 👇👇👇

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