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Seven Reasons To Give Aerial Hoop And Silks A Go

Why aerial arts are more than just fitness

Thinking about trying aerial hoop or silks (or both!) for the first time? Well, we might be slightly biased, but we think it's your best idea ever!!!

Did you know that getting fit is just one of the amazing things you'll love about aerials? It’s only the tip of the iceberg of the life-changing goodness you get from joining your local studio!

Here are just a few reasons to give aerial silks and hoop a go….

1) You’ll gain more confidence

From the moment you walk through the door, you will see people of all shapes, sizes, colours, genders and ages giving aerials a go!

The studio is a safe space for you to be yourself - unfiltered, unedited, 100% you! Whether that's you in your fanciest activewear looking fabulous, or you in $8 trackies from 12 years ago covered in food stains and with a slightly inappropriate hole forming you-know-where!

The confidence you gain from aerials is incomparable - you’ll be celebrated for the glorious, beautiful creature that you are by all your new aerial fam in no time 🔥 It’s hard not to get a confidence boost when so many people are telling you how great you are!

2) You’ll have a new appreciation for how amazing your body is

One of the biggest things you'll notice when you join a studio is how your perspective does a major shift from caring about what your body looks like, to learning to love what it can do for you.

You'll be amazed by what your body is capable of doing!! Lift yourself? Lift your partner? Lift everything!!!

You’ll get obsessed with showing off your newfound strength and flexibility every chance you get 💪

3) You’ll make new friends

Aerialist friends are the best kind of friends! You'll find your tribe - a group of the kindest, most supportive humans you could ask for ❤

An aerial hoop or silks class is about 90% giggling, being goofballs and complimenting each other's hard work! It's so easy to make friends when you all have something in common ✨

Aerial friends will lift you up (figuratively and sometimes literally!) 👯‍♀️

4) We celebrate your wins!

Celebrating your own success is great, but how cool is it when other people are super excited to see you doing well?! 🥰️

Your instructors and fellow studio members will celebrate with you - they’ll become your cheerleaders! Have you ever had a room erupt in applause because you #nailedit ?

Well, we have and it feels GREAT! 🥳

5) You’ll have a healthy hobby that gets you moving...and you’ll enjoy it!

Exercise doesn’t have to be hard work or feel like a chore. Aerials time is playtime!

So many of our members compare aerials to feeling like a kid climbing trees again!

You get to go into the studio to hang out upside down and in the air with awesome people while learning how to do cool stuff AND you’ll be doing your body a big favour at the same time! Win-win-win!!!! 🤸‍♀️

6) You’ll find a second home at the studio

Adulting is hard y’all!! Now you can have a safe space where you can go to unwind from the real world, hang out with awesome people and let the day wash away. There is nothing more satisfying after a stressful day than getting to the studio and nailing a new move! 👌

7) It's good for mental wellness

Looking after your mental health is so, so important!!!

One of the greatest things about aerial hoop and silks is that they combine 5+ of the top recommended things to stay on top of our mental well-being 😌

- Get some exercise ✔

- Connect with others ✔

- Get out and about ✔

- Challenge yourself with something new ✔

- Be present in the moment ✔

You’ll be looking after your mind, body and soul when you attend aerial classes. You can even choose the classes that best fit your mood, so whether you want to learn big tricks, flow to some tunes or even just roll around on the floor, we have you covered!

These are just 7 of the HUNDREDS of reasons we have to give aerials a try! Sure it’s great fitness, but it is so much more than that too! what are you waiting for? Come check us out today!!!

We can’t wait to see you there ✌

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