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Thinking of trying aerial hoop or silks? Here's what you need to know...

Are you ready to book in for your first aerial hoop or silks class? Yasss!!!! You're about to enter a world where fun and fitness go hand in hand 🤸‍♀️

Before you get started, we're sure you have a bunch of questions about what to expect, so we've put together the hot goss you need to know ready for your first aerials class 💙

What to wear

So you've booked into your first class (omg yay!!!) but you have no idea what to wear?

If you've been watching videos online you're probably wondering where a grown-up even gets a sparkly leotard from! You don't need to worry about all that just yet - the exciting world of aerials fashion comes later on in your journey.

For now, all you need to think about wearing is a pair of leggings and a comfortable top. You'll want leggings rather than shorts to help avoid getting your skin pinched by the apparatus, and any ole pair will do nicely 👌

How the class works

An aerials class at Altitude starts with a warmup. This is normally 1-2 songs worth of some simple movements to wake up your muscles ready for class, followed by some light stretching. If you are a little late for your warmup your instructor may dish you out some burpees so it pays to arrive 5-10 mins before class starts!

After your warmup, you'll be doing some "conditioning", which are some drills and skills using the hoop or silks to help prepare your body for the next levels (think of it like how you have to crawl before you can walk).

Then comes the fun stuff - the majority of your class will be learning aerial skills! This means tricks, poses and spins (oh my)! Towards the end of the lesson, you'll even get to put what you've learned into action - we turn the music up so you can dance your wee heart out! 🎵❤️️

At the end of class, we'll do some cool-down stretches to make sure your body is well looked after and ready for your next lesson 🧘‍♀️

It might hurt

When you start aerial hoop or silks, you will probably notice that certain moves feel a bit....spicy 🔥🤕 This is totally normal - you're putting your body weight into an inanimate object, and there will be some ouchies along the way! You can expect bumps and bruises, especially when you're first starting before your body has had time to adapt to the new apparatus.

Over time your skin will get used to the hoop and silks, and moves will get less painful (this is one of the reasons why we do the conditioning drills and skills at the start of class!). Persistence is key. If you know your body's limits and move at your own pace you'll find even the trickiest, most painful moves can become easy and even somewhat comfortable over time!

It can be a bit scary at first!

Ok so this may come as a surprise, but starting something new can be a bit scary!

To help with this, our beginner classes start nice and close to the ground so you get time to get used to your new skills at a comfortable height from the floor. There are also big, thick, cushy crash mats right there beneath you to make sure you're safe and supported! As you progress through the levels, you can take your tricks higher in the air.

Our beginner levels are just that - beginner! This means you don't need ANY fitness experience to start - you'll gain fitness, strength and flexibility along the way 💪

We all progress at our own pace

Our members all come from different backgrounds, whether it's in dance, gymnastics or competitive Netflix binge-watching 📺 Whether you have any fitness background or not, your journey will be unique to you ✌️

In your first class, you will probably be surrounded by a mixture of people, from first-timers to those who are almost ready to progress up to the next level. We have a "compliment, don't compare" policy in class where we try not to compare how we're doing to others - your only competition is yourself! Plus if you showed up to your first class and could do everything, would there be much of a point in going? Aerials should be a challenge! That's what makes it fun 🤸‍♀️

Are you ready to take the leap?

If you're ready to sign up, get in touch - we can't wait to see you there!!

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