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Why did we launch Altitude Aerials?

This article was written by the founder of Altitude Aerials, Karry Summers 💕

A year ago, Altitude Pole launched a sister brand, Altitude Aerials. Why? Because we were bored. Just joking (kinda, it was lockdown after all). But seriously, we were already halfway doing it and since one of our core values is excellence, we wanted to take this aerial thing we were doing and make it excellent. Really do it properly. Plus, we saw a gap in the aerials market that was kinda breaking our little hearts.

The aerials silks in our Christchurch studio

The Circus schools and the aerial studios are great, and their students are amazing, and the aerials market out there was catering well to people who were already strong, already athletic, already able to lift themselves upside down and into a metal hoop. But what about the people who wanted (and deserved) to learn this beautiful art form, this gloriously freeing fitness technique, but couldn’t lift themselves upside down and invert into a hoop, or climb a rope with just their arms, on their very first try?

In my years of being involved in the aerials world (and yes, Altitude has been running aerials classes for over 10 years), what I have seen and heard over and over again, is that aerials are hard, and you have to be a certain level/size/shape/background to get going in it. But I would like Altitude Aerials to come into the market in a new way, and really focus on bringing aerials to the wider general public.

Aerial hoop students learning a new move
A beginner-friendly Aerial Hoop class at Altitude

I want everyone who comes to one of our beginner aerial classes to walk away feeling good about themselves. That is what Altitude as a brand aims for in all our classes, every damn day 👏👏👏 So yes, our curriculums may be “easier” than other aerial studios, but you know what? Just like our pole studios, people can progress at their own pace, so if you are one of the unicorns who pick it up first go, move on up ladies and gents, it’s straight to level 2 for you. Because how many people have missed out on the joy of flying because they couldn't invert in the first class? How many people have not even attempted aerials because it was just too daunting to start? And I have done research into this... there's been quite a few over the years.

So my vision for altitude Aerials…. I want to give aerials with Altitude a different reputation, I want it to be accessible to everyone. We are making it so that everyone, no matter skill level, experience, size or age, walks away from a beginner class feeling good about themselves (including the naturally talented ones) and has the opportunity to learn to fly 🦋

So what are you waiting for? Click that button to get started 👇

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