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Join the fun, learn Aerials!

Aerials are the best new way to get fit, challenge yourself and make a load of friends in the most supportive and friendly environment ever! 🥰

So what are you waiting for? Click that button to get started 👇

Wondering what Aerials and Altitude are all about? Keep reading! 👇
Beginner Friendly

Our classes are designed for anyone to learn! That means you, too!

An awesome

See what your capable of in a super rewarding (and graceful) way!

Supportive community!

Our community is full of cheerleaders who will celebrate your wins!

You don't need to run away with the circus to learn

Our classes are beginner-friendly, so you'll be welcomed with open arms no matter your fitness level or goals!


Our classes will take you from where you are right now to lifting your own body, flying through the air and making all the pretty shapes 🤩


It's the best challenge!

Learning new moves can be tricky... but that's a good thing! The challenge is a big part of why attending aerials classes are so rewarding, you're always getting wins!

We're confident in saying that because our members tell us how much they love seeing what they are capable of week on week.


Seriously, nailing a new move for the very first time feels so damn good!

Want some passionate cheerleaders in
your life?

We <3 our community, they're a supportive bunch of cheerleaders that'll celebrate all your wins!

Don't just take our word for it; our members say it best. This is what Talia, a member at Altitude Aerials Christchurch Central, has to say:

"I adore the Altitude community. I don't think I've ever walked into a building and felt so comfortable to be myself or felt so encouraged and championed by fellow students before. I love how much we celebrate each other's success. Big or small."


And... it's great exercise!

We can't forget that aerials are, of course, an excellent form of fitness! Get stronger, fitter, more flexible and more coordinated while doing something pretty freaking awesome.

What's not to love?

Keen to get started? Your first step is requesting a consult at the Altitude Aerials closest to you!

Click the button, select your studio and fill in the form 👇

But wait... what are aerials?

Aerial Arts originate from the circus, which may look familiar if you've ever been to something like Cirque du Soleil. Watching the pros perform super difficult, graceful and impressive stunts will leave you with your jaw on the floor...

That doesn't mean you need to be a pro to start learning yourself. A core focus of ours is making sure learning is beginner-friendly here at Altitude!

Aerials are the art of flying and dancing through the air on different apparatus (equipment). Our primary skills at Altitude Aerials are silks (fabric) and hoop (a metal hoop), although you may find some other apparatus options at different Altitude studios!


Aerial Silks!


Aerial Hoop!

Still got questions? Check out our FAQ 👇

  • Do I need a vaccine certificate?
    As of Monday 4th April 2022, we will no longer require you to hold a vaccine pass to attend classes at Altitude.
  • I’m unvaccinated, can I come to the studio?"
    Yes! From Monday 4th April 2022, if you are unvaccinated / do not hold a vaccine pass then you will still be able to attend classes at Altitude.
  • I'm a household contact and have to isolate, what happens to my membership?"
    You have two options: We can hold your membership for your self-isolation period. This will not come out of your standard hold allocation. You can keep your membership active and any payments made whilst you're away will go towards a package of perks!
  • I have Covid-19 and have to isolate, what happens to my membership?"
    You have two options: We can hold your membership for your self-isolation period. This will not come out of your standard hold allocation. You can keep your membership active and any payments made whilst you're away will go towards a package of perks! Remember, it's important to take it easy even after you recover from Covid-19 to prevent 'Long Covid'. So just keep in touch with us if you're not ready to come back after your isolation period.
  • What is a 'Package of Perks'?
    Our packages are our way of saying THANK YOU for continuing to support us even when you can’t make it in! Every studio has a different package so be sure to check with your studio for more info.
  • Do I need to scan in on arrival?
    As of Saturday 26th March 2022, you no longer need to scan in using the Covid Tracer QR codes. Feel free to use these if you wish but it is not a requirement for entry. P.S You can also manually scan in on the app if you can’t find a code too!
  • Do I need to wear a mask?
    Yes, but not whilst you’re exercising! So if you’re in the waiting room, or other common spaces - please wear a mask. If you’re working out in class, feel free to remove.
  • What do I need to bring to class?
    With restrictions easing and consensus within the health and medical community that Omicron transmission is overwhelmingly airborne rather than via surfaces, our studios will be bringing back our stretch mats, towels and yoga blocks. We encourage you to bring your own if you would like that extra level of protection, but these will be available to use if you forget! So just bring your drink bottle, mask and self :)
  • Will the studios be operating normally?
    As of Saturday 26th March, indoor gathering & event limits have increased from 100 to 200 people. That means we can finally get back to running our social events and showcases! In the studio day to day, classes will be running as normal but we will be maintaining physical distancing where possible and wearing masks in common spaces.
  • How do I know I’ll be safe at the studio?
    Your safety is our top priority. We will be doing our best to minimise the spread of the virus by maintaining physical distancing and wearing masks in common spaces. We are always closely monitoring the government guidelines and will be sure to implement any new changes if required.
  • What happens if I feel sick?
    Please stay at home and take a test if symptoms persist! Staying at home is the best way to let your body recover from any illness and helps prevent sharing it with others. You can find more information on testing & isolation here.
  • Where can I find more information on the changes to the protection framework?
    You can find more information here.
  • Got any other questions about Altitude’s Covid-19 response?
    Send an email to us at Altitude Aerials Christchurch for more information :)
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