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Become an owner! 

Altitude has launched it's next big adventure,  so come and be a part of it! We are looking for interested potential students AND owners!

Want to know more about becoming an Altitude Aerials owner? Fill in the form!

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It’s about owning a business you’re passionate about. Altitude has spent the last 10 years building and proving system after system so that we can ensure a successfully run business - without owners having to commit every second of their free time for nothing.

Over these years, alongside pole dancing, Altitude has developed aerials classes under the Altitude Pole brand - silks, hoop, hammock and more.

With Altitude headed into it’s second decade and with aerials offering so much potential we’re really excited to officially launch Altitude Aerials! A sister brand to Altitude Pole, same core values but with the focus on aerial arts!

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So what would it mean for you to be an Altitude Aerials owner? It means we’ve done all the hard yards and the boring parts already. We trialled, documented, tested and refined our strategy until we were satisfied that it could be rolled out to anyone, successfully.

As an Altitude Aerials Franchise, you’ll get the benefit of our proven systems, ongoing product and service development, professional promotional material, up to date and high-quality curriculums and instructor trainings, plus continued and ongoing support to help ensure success for your studio.

You, as the studio owner, can take a step back from the day to day tasks and can concentrate on being as involved as you want to be.


These are the main available territories for Altitude Aerials in New Zealand.



Auckland (10)
New Plymouth
Wellington (4)

Not all territories are listed on this page. If you're interested in a location that isn't listed here we'd still love to hear from you. Click the button below and fill in the form!

About Altitude

The aim of any class offered at an Altitude studio is to provide a fun way of getting fitter, stronger and to grow a powerful appreciation of individuals bodies and what they are capable of. Our focus has never been and will never be on how someone’s body looks. Anyone can learn at Altitude Aerials, no matter their skill, background or fitness level. 

Altitude studios also offer a social aspect for people to come together and join a community of like-minded, non-judgmental people. Our sister brand, Altitude Pole, was founded in 2010 and has grown to become the largest pole dance studio brand in New Zealand. We expect with this same passion, dedication and tenacity we have shown through the 11 years of growth with Altitude Pole, Altitude Aerials will follow suit for the world of aerials. Our systems and processes are setup to successfully grow any studio - regardless of whether they offer pole or aerials!

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