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Advice From Our Members...To You!

We asked some of our members if they had any advice for someone starting at Altitude Aerials. Here's what they had to say...

Megan Says....

"Consistency is key, visualise your goals, and try to have fun & make friends. <3"

Mary Says...

"If you think you're too old, you're not! Don't compare yourself to the others in your class, just celebrate the improvements that you make for yourself and be happy with that."

Courtenay Says...

"Just throw yourself into it! Everyone who is in the studio is either at the same point as you currently or has been at the same point as you in the past and are more than willing to cheer you on."

Ella Says...

"Just have fun, don't worry about what others might think! Everyone is on their own journey and progress is progress!"

Chanya Says...

"I definitely had some doubts and fears in my first few classes - I tend to overthink and naturally felt a bit overwhelmed with the new environment, schedules and learning the moves which can be very confusing at the start, especially in the air but I am so glad I stuck through it!"

If you like the sound of aerials, why not come and see for yourself? Book a consult today! 🤩👇👇

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